Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Real, the unreal, and the '. . .Ah'

Can lobbyists affect the quality of life? Test the medical waters! A lot of people understand that Congress is trying to cut the Cost of health care in this Country, although they do not understand that this Cost-Cutting refuses to touch the remuneration flowing to the health care industry. I have already proposed more Amendments to the Constitution than the number presently on the books, but We might need another one demanding that each Congressional personage must state for the Congressional Record the amount of political financial aid he has received and from whom who has an interest in the legislation, before he can cast his Vote on any bill or issue. It would mean nothing, though, as the legion of paper built up; the esteemed legislators lacking any sense of shame.

Many would call this data a victory of sorts, but what does it truly say? The Job market is still shrinking, the revision is finding more Jobs as it always does under study, and it says very little else. In-Demand occupations are stilling facing a short Turnover of 10 to 14 Weeks, but the length of time for other occupations continues to lengthen; this means that total Hours Worked is still declining within the cited occupations. Government employment has been increased, so that all ratings are suspect. It does not look good, and the longer it lasts, the greater the smell. It could help if legislation could be passed without the additions of special favor legislation, all of which presents the real Expense to every program; this because none ever generates the level of subsidiary employment which stimulus should require.

I will first state that I do not believe in this Hogwash, though the venue is open to pursue such a course. I would advance an equally improbable choice–the creation of a Jobs Boot Camp. The principles of this Job Boot Camp are simple: all Internees will show up 6-days a Week, undergo rigorous physical training and exercise, spend 3-hours per day in Classroom study of job performance factors–initially in a general sense, and later in their chosen occupations. Job Boot Camp will last for 6 Weeks, attendance a prerequisite to obtaining Unemployment Benefits, and where the individual cannot seek alternate labor; to give more-extended Unemployed a greater chance of obtaining a Job. Internees will not be paid for this until they have completed Boot Camp at the end of 6-Weeks; I would suggest a payment of around $2000. The entire purpose of the Camp is to outline what Business desires for labor at the moment, the occupations with the greatest chance of employment, and shifting the American market from Temporary employment to long-term Employment. lgl

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