Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tax Terrorism

Ireland has always been a relatively good bellwether concerning all things relating to debt. They seem to possess the capacity to make their own citizenry suffer the horrors of want. The Irish continue the tradition with sharp measures to curtail the government deficit. Americans will never follow their example, yet We might have to adopt our own set of fiscal rules. I, in my wondrous foresight, have come up with a ponderous Insight and a few suggestions:

1) Remember the good ole days when they used to Nickel and Dime one to death? I call this Rule the Dollar you to Death! All Employers must pay as Surtax one Dollar for every Wage payment made, in order to be allowed deduction of the Wage as Cost for purposes of taxation. Employers can pre-deduct from said payments, as We don’t care Who has to pay it.
2) Entrance to any public place will cost one dollar for every adult–children under 16 need not pay it. Like the previous Surtax on Paychecks, We don’t care Who pays it–only that it is paid. Public places are defined as Churches, colleges, Sport stadiums, Theaters, Retail stores, Bars, Restaurants, and Government buildings. We do not care How the tax is collected, simply that it is a daily fee which must be paid by the facility manager.
3) Every Taxpayer must pay a $5 Filing fee for every Government document filed, irregardless of the source, or even the mandatory nature required in the filings. This includes Tax documents, license applications, Permit permissions, or clarifications for Government desire–including the Census.
4) Every visitation to a professional–be he Doctor, Dentist, Lawyer, or even Architect must be accompanied with a $5 tax–paid for the consultation; it is immaterial who pays the tax–the professional is held responsible for the collection and delivery of the tax.
5) Every Vendor of any type will be held responsible for payment of a 25 cent tax on every Refreshment sold–it immaterial if it consists of liquor, coffee, soda pop, tea, fruit juice, even bottled water.

The Reader may have noticed that I have made no provision for the curtailment of Government expenditures. This is the essential part of the madness I propose. The law will be introduced without Sunset provision, will insist it applies to every political jurisdiction and level of Government, and must be introduced only when there is a Government-run deficit. The law will utilize the market force of Citizen anger to restrain government excesses; to the point that the total magnitude of the taxation can be tripled if all political levels run deficits. One cannot instill any sense of fiscal conservatism, but We can introduce Tax Terror. lgl

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