Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The trouble with Government

Self-Interest and Greed has always driven every agricultural subsidy program ever devised. Every one has been initiated to protect the food supply of the general populace, relatively all have been captured by large business enterprise, and made into a graft system. I grew up on a farm, and believe inherently in a subsidy program for agriculture; but I believe in one based upon established Costs, with overall limits. I like to call my projected agricultural subsidy program the Renter’s Profile. I would limit agricultural subsidies to Two-Fifths of the Cost of Fertilizer and Seed, and this payment limited to a total payment for 5000 acres of farmland per applicant entity. I would directly commit the Government to negotiation for the purchase of standard Fertilizers and Seed, in order to control the program. The Plan is simple, and easily implemented: the Costs of the Fertilizer and Seed must be proven, relatively easy with the Government being the primary Distributor. It is a program, though, which is bound to be opposed by All, as it gives no one an ability to play the system.

Medical Care is much like the above mentioned agricultural subsidies program; if it can be gamed, it will be. I truly approve of the Japanese system of insisting General Practitioners maintain their own Hospital/Clinics, where their Patients stay. Specialists on contract visit Patients in these facilities, and ambulance services deliver Patients to Specialist clinics for both Testing and Surgery. The Patients return to the GP clinic/hospitals as soon as they are stabilized from whatever procedures they have endured at Specialist facilities. Ambulance attendants will be cross-trained as Nursing personnel, to promote a full Workday on their part, and to reduce the Costs of the Transport system. The medical underwriting program I would advise is payment of Two-Fifths of the total Costs on the first 5 hospital beds maintained at each location, and no more. Aid to Patients would be prevision of two Examinations per year, and nothing more; Proscription would be handled in an unique way: Doctors would be charged $5 per registered Proscription, Pharmacies charged with not filling any Proscription until it is registered; Doctors can buy Drugs in volume, but cannot charge their Patient for any Drug themselves—it must be included in the overall charge for clinic or Doctor visit to every Patient overall. It is a practice of using one suppressant of medical Cost to control overall Costs.

Will Any of these help? Who knows! It is clear than alternate methods must be used, to stop the current gaming of the system, which has produced such great Costs in both programs. The whole aspect of Government intervention in the Private sector to aid the overall populace has always had its disadvantages; a far greater service might be insistence that people pay for their own Costs like in the purchase of Food and Housing–themselves partially corrupted by Welfare initiatives; Housing Cost would probably be around 12% lower overall, if the Government programs were subtracted. There are more ways to tax than simple implementation of a Government charge. lgl

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Curt said...

Good solutions.

But the purpose of the program that the left is trying to implement is for the purposes of policial distribution of resources, from the wealthier to the poor, not regulation of the use of resources. This is a very different ambition.

You need to clarify and demonize their ambition in order for any calculative (causal and rational) system to be put into place, and they are working very hard to make sure you fail.