Monday, January 04, 2010

The American Way

It may be somewhat insulting to claim Economists are cheapskates. Knowledgeable people will tell you that a respect for the U.S. Dollar should be held by Someone; and who better than Economists. Everyone realizes I am not exactly an Economist–too much expensive study–but produce a fair imitation of the profession. I told the Salesman of my last Pick-up that any color but White would be acceptable. I did not offer to front the massive Tip for the last Dinner my Nephew invited me to; besides, he could deduct it from his taxes, which I never could. I don’t return Calls Collect; Most say I simply don’t return Calls at all. I will admit to an appetite for Gambling, though I also exhibit desire for those Gambling activities with highest Skill over Odds preview; some rude characters even suggest I overuse the condiments utilized to draw Gamblers into the casinos. I have never hired Movers, thinking paying the differential Living Wage to full-time Movers was too expensive; chiropractor fees not counted–defined medical expense. Charities will get more of my money, just as soon as they come out with an efficient Kickback system after Tax declarations. I don’t often hire labor to do menial tasks, having full capacity to make younger people feel guilty about abuse of the Elderly. It all does not lead me to accept the ideation that Economists are naturally Cheap!

I read this article, and immediately began to speculate on this aged instrument. I decided that, completely without verification by the way, that the Cost of leisure entertainment must be higher in the United States than in Europe. I thought for a short moment to find justification for such belief, then decided to utilize the skills mentioned in the above paragraph; the purpose being to induce some young Student to investigate, and send me some of the Results. Such deviltry sometimes does not work, and research should be taken seriously; all meaning that I will leave the follow-up to Others. I once had an enthused individual send me a huge volume of material; I, in a return message, suggested that he write a book on the subject–I haven’t heard from him since. What is known after all this Trash Talk, consists of European resistance to violation of cultural ethos established from the medieval Indenture system. Americans have a penchant for getting things done, while Europeans enjoy the union concept of a Work slowdown; I favor the European view, except among my own personal employees.

Now Paul Krugman had to come up with this sad Commentary on Memory. I never remember anything I wrote, unless it can somehow enhance my prestige. It reflects on a derogatory aspect of American society; Paul’s message would not have been forgotten, by himself or others, if Americans lived up to their ideals and beliefs. I am not suggesting any despicable personality on Paul’s part, only an American over-effort in cutting down Trees, so that Sight is lost of Forest management. We Americans do too much, even Writing on blogs, and fail to adequately catalogue our efforts. I go back occasionally, and am sometimes amazed at my perception; more often, though, I quickly click the mouse hoping it will somehow provide escape from notice. lgl

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