Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cabin Fever--or the heretical lifestyle

Consistent Readers know that I sometimes get some wacky ideas, and no, I not smoking anything since my heart problems. I read this article from Reinhardt, and my mind just seemed to develop an independence from the normal bounds of good Conduct. I came up with this ‘Save the Trees’ idea, and decided to write on it. It takes into account that Insurance companies find Profit in sticking Conditions on any form of health insurance to minimize payout on Benefits guaranteed on the surface of the policy. It follows that both Government and Patient would like to cancel such practice, and health care Providers would enjoy a minimization of paperwork which they currently have to complete. So We come to my idea.

The first Step will be to declare all Insurance–of every type–must be filed with a National Insurance Agency. The second Step is to outlaw all Insurance which is not filed with this Agency, with a legal mandate that all premiums of such Insurance must be returned to the Purchaser if these Insurance contracts are not filed within 30 days of taking effect. The third Step is to put a $.80 Charge per page of such filings if presented on Paper, but a much lesser charge if filed electronically. Step four will be the Condition that all filings of Insurance must be read by the National Insurance Agency, and clerical workers of the Agency have the right to cancel any condition within these policies not in conformity with National Insurance Agency policy, by the simple practice of erasure in electronic filings, and an annulment claim made against paper filings. This practice, of course, would require the establishment of defined Insurance policies for all types of Insurance, and such policies would probably have to go through an Up or Down review of Congress. It is my estimate that such a practice by the new Agency would entail an federal employment increase of practically a quarter-million Workers, but they could easily be found in unemployed clerical labor pools.

Now We all know that good things never really end, so We could pay for the cost of the National Insurance Agency by charging a 2-Cent per Page charge for electronic filings, as well as the $.80 per page filing cost for paper filing. Relief for medical personnel could come from an imposition tax on all claims made against such Insurance under the same payment conditions–mandatorily paid by the Insurer; this meaning that a lot less material will have to be filled out by health care providers. Such simple practices could change the entire matrix of the health care debate, and go far to eradicate a multitude of problems in the health care industry. I have hopes that such practice alone will reduce health care Costs by at least 20%, and get Us far closer to the desired community-based premiums for health insurance, car insurance, business insurance, and Insurance Bonding. It is the creation of another federal agency, but one which could make sense, as well as presenting a more uniform structure to Insurance across the Country. lgl

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