Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Divide and Conquer--or Something

The primary point of the argument suggests that group discussions are functionally valueless when compounded by unmanageable size. Nothing could be farther from the Truth. Anything adopted as an environmental policy will take more than acceptance of the policy. Implementation of any Accord will require the dedicated response of every member of the conference, else any Accord is powerless. One cannot hardly expect any nation to expend the financial and political capital for an environmental policy whose participation was absent in the drafting of the policy. Assent to any policy must first be gained, and in such a manner that it compels some observance by the Participants. All six of the opponents of the Accord were not so much Socialist opposition, as they were rogue regimes to whom other Participants at the conference had restricted the provision of economic aid; None expecting any alteration of economic policy to these six nations. It simply portrays the unspoken opposition in the rest of the World to the activities of these nations. Environmental concern can only be expected from Those concerned with the internal political and social ecology of their own countries.

Has the Reader ever felt total agreement with an Opinion, but where you are totally opposed to the Outcome Choice? I like just everything about this Piece, except the proposed thesis of ignoring Reform. The authors should not worry, though, as I am opposed to Government policy as well. I believe that a concentration on specific economic conditions is the best plan for bringing Consensus here. The first economic fact is that domestic Consumption is down by about 20%. The second fact is that Bankers are not going to expand their loan capacity until there is marked improvement in these Consumption levels, and it does not matter how cheap Credit is extended to them. Mortgage extension will go only to Those exhibiting Granite-hard Incomes; all others need not apply. Business even has to prove to their financiers that their next Quarter Income will be maintained, simply to retain their current revolving Credit limits. Some say that Bankers are obtuse and inefficient; I say that they are taking from both ends, and are rewarding themselves above all others. I regret to state that it is everyone else that portray a country bumpkin attitude on the Midway.

It is about this time that everyone asks me what I would do to stimulate the economy. I will reject my automatic response: I will let you know what I favor, just as soon as something works! I might has overused that Response in the last few years. I would order Congress to concentrate on universal Tax Reform, revision of the Civil Service regulations, coordination of policies between Local, State, and federal governments, and the nullification of all Bonus programs where Sales have not been maintained within the previous Tax Year; all of the above dependent upon my election as God. I might be left to simply be an illegal, unconstitutional President, where I would immediately declare a 32-hour Workweek for all federal employees below whatever suggested ranking I am allowed, with declaration that additional labor must be hired from the Private sector to fully man federal agencies; but at Pay no higher than 4 times whatever Unemployment Benefits they are entitled initial to employment, and without the Job protections guaranteed to normal civilian employees of the federal government. I would follow this with the proposal of a national conference of Small Business and Banking, the entire Intent behind the conference being amalgamation of similar business structures to derive economies of scale, and follow-up finance for the reorganizations. Other than that, simply Pray! lgl

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