Monday, March 22, 2010

Background Noise

Bloggers are wild with discussion of the new health care bill passage. We are still hearing the wild claims from all sides, and expectations are way too high. Administration of any program formed by the legislation will be bureaucratic in the extreme, wrap immense resources into Accounting Costs, and probably do nothing to reduce medical costs within the Country. I am not cognizant of the basic stipulations of the bill, and may have to eventually concede that it’s passage was a Step forward; though I very much doubt I will have to do so.

The basic trouble, as I see it, will be transference of all those Pages to the medical receptionists at Doctor, Clinic, and Hospital. It is a whole different world down there. They insist on placing the Patient into a specific slot, before one can even reach a Nurse, let alone a Doctor. I am quite sure that it will require a 20-minute Interview before entrance into even emergency surgery. It is all something which I do not look forward to with desire. I do not believe that the bureaucratization of health care is the Solution.

The Cost of health administration has obviously been vastly increased, with the sincere judgement that it will take the average physician at least 3 years to simply read the entirety of medical restrictions implanted by the legislation. Medical administrators will assert restrictions in a much shorter period, possibly within 3 months. There will be a paralysis period in the interim, with no one to say Yes or No to any medical treatment, with No the preferred statement with any reference to potential financial loss. We might not have eased the treatment of health problems, but introduced an epileptic disturbance to the practice of medicine. We can only hope for the Best, and expect the Worst. lgl

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