Friday, March 26, 2010

Cruel to be Kind

I credit Robert Reich for an excellent Message, even if I don’t quite agree with the desires. Robert places heavy emphasis on Stimulus and Tax Cuts, neither being the path of efficient government. The later is what I consider the next Step to be; whether it be by Obama, or Anyone else. I am considering a ‘Show-Cause’ administration, where no one get anything, especially Escape, from what law was originally imposed. Government Workers would be required to file a Job Responsibilities Report, outlining their duties; and a Proof of Fulfillment stating their past accomplishments in their Job. These Reports will go to an independent Employment Commission who must recuse themselves if they know the Employee, that will decide if the Employee is worth retention without recourse to supervisory comment, other than a general Statement about each of their subordinates; Supervisors themselves graded for efficiency. You don’t pass this Commission, you are no longer employed by the federal government, and the Commission is detailed by law to reduce federal employment by a set figure every Quarter.

Federal Taxes should be handled in the same manner. A Commission of Tax Assessments should be set up, which should be tasked by increasing Tax revenues by a set amount per Year. Every Taxpayer would have to file a Proof of Need to draw any form of Tax remission entitled under legal enactment. Each Taxpayer must prove that the Tax remissions are valid considering his financial position, his developmental plan for business expansion, and the level of fulfillment of the criteria for which the Tax loophole was created. In all cases, Commission members must recuse themselves if they know the Taxpayer personally. The entire Concept behind the Commissions consists of reducing benefits extended by the government to only Those who actually need them.

The task of these Commissions will be efficiency, so failure to reach the goals set by Congress on these Commissions will automatically result in member dismissal, and reconstruction of the Commissions. There will always be a method of Redress from Commission decisions, but this will only be through the Courts, and likely to Cost more than any benefit is worth. The Commissions will be responsible for notifying the Justice Dept. about any malfeasance of office, or Tax evasion; all without more than simple notification of the specific Dept. or IRS function. The entire function of these Commissions, outlined in their very enactment, will be to both reduce Government size and Government intrusion into the Private Sector. They will fulfill these responsibilities only through increasing Tax revenues, and reduction of Government employment.

I know what Everyone will think of such enactments in the midst of a Recession, but the greater efficiency of government will benefit even in Recessionary times. One has to pick a Point, and state here We draw a Line, and it is a Line We will not violate. The Commissions themselves will probably employ about 60,000 people, and the first Quarter quota should be to reduce their own increase in federal employment. The first Year’s quota should be an increase of Tax revenues by a minimum of $100 billion in real terms. This later level should be continuous throughout operation of the Commissions, eventually eliminating American dependence on Tax Cuts of any type. lgl

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