Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The health care knot

Is this Scene truly outrageous? I have sincere doubts, yet We might examine it loosely. One has to have a lot of unearned Income in order to be heavily taxed in most defined cases. There is a fancy mathematical equation that defines the ratio of impact of Inflation on Income Classes, with higher Incomes finding it far easier to pass along Inflation pressures than their less successful competitors (don’t ask me the equation, I have forgotten it long ago). It is simply a known fact, which sometime should itself be contested, that Income Earners join Business in passing along the Costs of taxation; where and however they can. Everyone also knows that larger Incomes have a much easier time doing this, than will lower Incomes. There might be a slight Problem here, as higher Incomes change the Software Triggers which they utilize today to make Investment decisions; but this will be a minor problem of increasing destabilization of the markets. The only real Question which must be asked is: Will this minor taxation actually pay for any significant medical bills? The Answer is minimally within the Short-Run, nix on the Intermediate and Long terms.

The Congress which refuses to implants Controls on health care will never cut the health care bill. It is this bill which must be controlled to contain health care debt creation. This is true for both the privatized health care Consumer, as well as the public welfare Consumer. It takes a relatively short time to price major segments of Consumers out of the market, when an industry has Operating Costs growing significantly more rapidly than the industries supporting the Income levels of those Consumers. There has to be measures to ensure that medical treatments remain relatively static in relationship to Profits of other industries, in order for a self-sustaining medical payment program to survive. This is the major fight which has been going on in Congress, and one which adequate financing has been losing. We cannot afford to lose the fight too long!

Here is the special case of the Amish. Do not think they should get an automatic exemption, as these religious personnel spend approx. 3 Days of hospital care whenever there is injury to themselves off Amish territory; an increasingly high and growing Cost, as more travel off the traditional reservations. People should understand that We need a consistent, uniform method of universal health care, and the concentration on Exemptions is bad for the final Product devised. The worst Outcome will be a massive increase in the Paperwork incited by health care, already swamped with filled-out forms. lgl

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