Sunday, March 07, 2010

Predator and Prey

I present this singular material today, because I want to ask a serious Question which should be answered by Researchers. Every time Migrations are studied, they follow a certain progression flow. We always view the migrations of the Past as great Tribal shifts, but what if they weren’t? The Migrations today exhibit two exterior propellents: the invasion of a vastly superior military force; or the search by individuals for new supportive labor, as traditional methods of employment are running out of the resources necessary to support the native population. The Question I arrive at today asks if this is only the criteria of Today, or if the Present is only the prolongation of the migratory patterns of the Past. The Question need be asked, because if it is only a prolongation of the migratory patterns of Old, then the Developed West–especially the United States–may be destined to follow the route of the Roman Empire of the West; also knowing the Survivors of the Roman Empire migrated East to Byzantium.

We may be witnessing the Fall of the West, without recognition of that downfall. It is likely to be far more rapid than We suspect; perhaps with a total replacement of real political power within a Century. We do know that We are faced with the problems of over-population, with our technology strapped to maintain our current style of life in the face of shrinking resources. We know that Those who desire our Land and Resources are increasing in population far faster than our native population, with the piecemeal invasion of migratory Workers consistent with the migratory patterns examined in the Paper. We are also cognizant that foreigners are learning the complexities of our technology at a far more rapid rate than our native youngsters. Immigrants started to replace our native population is basic Grunt labor about a half-century ago, but are now replacing our native labor in skilled occupations and professions. Native populations are complacent–relying on our stored Wealth derived from the hard productive labor of our Forebears; though this becomes ever-increasingly less practical, as other Wealth is developed among Migrants. Are We on a predictable Curve which will end with our own downfall?

There should be a consistent Study of migratory patterns, with a real evaluation of the long-term consequences for our native population. We need to develop consistent policies of Restraint and Enhancement, all in order to ensure the survival of our native population in a challenged World. The one consistent element We can always find is the changing nature of social structure. Nothing stays the Same, past about three Generations. One has to recognize the smiling, genial face of the Predator, before One can forestall getting eaten. lgl

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