Friday, February 11, 2011


The Republicans are trying to right a sinking Ship without throwing any cargo overboard. They want everything untouched which pleases them, and will junk anything from which they do not directly benefit as a Class or personally. Catherine Rampell hints at the idea these Republicans may lack for foresight. Almost every household utilizes Medicare, dito for Student loans, Home mortgage deductions, Unemployment Insurance upon need, and any Veterans’ benefit which apply. They are allowed Investment Tax Credits, and chose to place their pre-School children in organizations drawing assistance to defray the Cost of this baby-sitting. There is no comfort for Anyone who would champion Cuts in these programs.

I think the Problem should be approached differently. I once heard of a thing called ‘Spanish Casino’ or ‘Spanish Bingo’. I am not saying any Casino ever used this system in the World, or ever will; I am simply saying I have heard of such a system. The Rule of the Casino is that no Player can cash out more than a set amount of Chips per evening, except for the additional replacement of purchased Chips which were Signed for. The Players could play as long as they wanted facing the House Odds, but could only gain the stipulated amount per night. There was always sufficient Casino surveillance to ensure that Players were not cashing out each other’s Chips. Such a system could be adapted to suit both Republican and Democrat needs.

We need a law which states that no Citizen or Resident can draw more than a set stipulated amount in Government benefits per year. This would call for a universal Check-Writing Agency which Local, State, and Federal payments are made to the Agency, which issues all Checks to the individual Citizen or Resident. A stipulated maximum amount shall be established for every Citizen or Resident that can be drawn per year; anywhere from $35k–$85,000. It is a rigged Game where any amount left unused stays with the House. It helps with the Tax load somehow. It also helps if balancing the budget on every level is mandatory as well by federal law or Constitutional Amendment. This is the beautiful time where Congress and Legislature gets to decide what Tax remissions are for the good of the Republic, and which are not! It is a positive system which will work if only utilized. lgl

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