Thursday, February 24, 2011

Shirer's designation of Nazi lack of empathy

Ask me if this is a prelude to things which We do not want. I wish first to state that it indeed is a Report on Durable Goods for January, a month associated with poor economic performance because of Weather and Accounting Infringements. Here are the details which worry me! Aircraft Orders are generally placed after the First of the Year. New non-Transport Orders are generally placed within the Winter months to get placement in the Production queue for the high Production months; they being down 3.6% without the Transport. I would really like to know the magnitude of long-term Contracted Production, whether these Contracts currently are reduced in size. Worse than the Libya Crisis could be stagnation of the Markets, which will cause excess Speculator Cash to flow into Oil; funds bounding into the Market faster than real barrels of Oil. We are looking to a downgrade of value in the Stock Markets from my last Check, and the World economy does not need a Speculator-driven bubble in the Oil markets.

Megan makes more of this than is warranted, but it stands as fact that Greece has never ventured far from the City-State political format for which they are so famous. One has to understand the tribalism of the Greeks, something akin more to the Afghani than western nation-states. I can picture the disintegration of the Greek national government faster and more forcefully than that of the Libyan government. Watch, and if the several Greek cities start sending their own Trade representatives to various Ports of Call, then one can assume an unnatural form of existence will fail. Many Greeks will be outraged by this evaluation, but their anger will be far greater for my Statement, than for an eventual truthful outcome to my Words.

I will finish my tirade with this Post today. It seems that the Old Conservatives are somewhere to the Left of our current Liberals. Eisenhower sponsored Social Security, ranted against the military-industrial complex, and supported an extremely Progressive Income Tax. Ronald Reagan passed a massive increase of Tax impacts. Nixon wanted a extended health care system to the Left of Hillary Clinton. It is interesting that Those who in their millions witnessed the horrors of War, and it’s effect upon Civilian populations left desolate, found all these programs necessary; with the better-off bearing the brunt of the funding. Today, We have people who never witnessed the horrors of War trying to tell Us what people do not need. It may be destroying our Society, as Everyone leaves the care of people to Others, as they pursue Profits they will never realize. lgl

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