Friday, February 25, 2011

Potential Start of Sanity

I have just read this short Post from Catherine Rampell. I agree with her on this issue, and felt I should discuss procedural policies by which modifications could be made. I have always felt in economic policy decisions that simplest is best, and minimum is always far better than maximum. Here is my short List of things I would do to set the House in order:

1) I would pass a federal law insisting that States and Local Governments create Minimum Wage Jobs of at least 16 hours per Week for All Unemployed who would apply, with the federal government mandated to pay for all such Labor conducted up to 16 hours per Week. The amount would at least pay for the normal Cost of Groceries for a family of 5 with tight Buying care exercised. This would have nothing to do with Unemployment Benefits, other than bringing to an end any extension of those benefits. A high number of Unemployed live in a Household which have other Income Earners who supply a great share of the Maintenance.

2) I would limit the largesse of Tax Breaks overall, setting federal Income Tax law prohibiting more than $100,000 per individual, $160,000 per joint filing, or $1 million per business or Corporation to be granted as Tax Break. It would mean that there is a Top End to how much Anyone can game the Tax Code to save Money.

3) I would advocate the initiation of a national health care system. The current system where People put off going for medical treatment until massive intervention must be conducted is an idiocy. The practice of Doctors, Clinics, and Hospitals being able to manipulate their fees to eliminate Patients who they do not desire to serve must be stopped. We must enact federal law which tells Insurers in a Public/Private system that they can only sell health insurance which pays 100% of the liability which Medicare sets, and on which they themselves pay. Supplemental Co-Pay Insurance can only be sold if it does pay 100% of the remaining Cost of all Procedures paid in order to sell such policies. The overuse of medical care can be limited by charging a $35 Door payment for every visit to a Doctor, Clinic, or Hospital. It also means that no Doctor, Clinic, or Hospital Testing Procedure can be scheduled more often than once a month.

4) People will automatically ask How I would expect to pay for the above programs considering the ballooning deficit. I will say I favor Health Insurance premiums replacing all Personal Exemptions and Dependent Exemptions in federal Income Tax without choice on the part of the Taxpayers, though they can sign up for those Premiums going to their own designated health Insurance policy; though they must pay for all Co-Pay Supplemental Insurance themselves. Those who are unemployed or unable to create such Exemptions will be paid from Gain from these Exemption removals. The Minimum Wages paid under the law will be paid by a Surtax on Income paid by Business prior to consideration of Deductions or Reductions of any type, and segregated by position of the Businesses in which the Minimum Wages were paid by State.

5) Advanced Public Employees in the Top Pay Grades must prove that they possess the Living Expenses necessary to get paid; at a rate only 125% of the total provable Living Expenses. This also includes all Specialty Consultants employed by the Executive, Legislative, or Judicial branches of Government. It is a law I strongly suggest that State and Local Governments also employ. lgl

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