Thursday, February 17, 2011

Estimates on the Situation

Do We need to worry about people being liars in economic surveys? Could it be that both Politicians and Economists fear the views of ordinary people, simply because they themselves need some work in the arena of truthfulness? I most detest the concept of mandatory spending. I think it is the greatest lie of them all, and utilized every time someone suggest a real decision be made. A basic Cap has to placed on the growth of individual benefits granted to Anyone under his total program access. Such a Cap could be used to limit Social Security benefits, Medicare and Medicaid payments, even full utilization of Tax Cuts. I would love a Cap on Defense development spending, where Cost Overruns could not exceed $10 million per Company per year. I could change that stated Word to Billion, but when talking about this range of Income stream, Why? There are means to traverse lying to honest truth, if one has only the Incentive.

Tyler Cowen claims a stagnation of Health Care in this Country. What is the Problem? A cynical man might suggest that they spend way too much time finding ways to increase the total amounts of their bills. A more sensible man might hazard that the human body machine has basically reached it normal Life span, and that increased inputs on Maintenance and Lubrication can only have limited benefit. Someone like myself might come up with increased funding in advertisement for Christian Science. I question on a national level the propriety of spending One-Quarter of an individual’s lifetime Income on keeping him alive for the last decade of his life. This is the Stoney road on which We had set off on–possibly to damnation.

Readers will find it unlikely that I can link this Piece with the above Content, but it might be a Solution to the above Problems of Budget Deficit and Health Care stagnation. We tax Drug Sales at 50% rate, so that Drugs are still lucrative, but paying towards the deficit. The price for Drugs will of course increase in Consumer Retail, and with more Violence throughout the Transport chain. Reduction in Health Care Costs can easily be gained by an enforced 1-Hour Response delay on all Ambulance and Paramedic Treatment; something which will reduce Health Care Costs along the entire Health Care chain as well. It also works well for Stroke and Heart Attack victims as well. There are simple Solutions to Complex problems; you only have to adopt a simple attitude. lgl

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