Sunday, February 13, 2011

History Lesson

I would in no way think to justify Mao Zedong, a creature of vast evil tendency. I will refer you to this Post, and state all Works cited within it minimize the specter of poor harvests within the matrix. The most humane administration at the times described would have been highly pressured to prevent any Famine from taking place. The China of the Time had low agricultural capacities, degraded Transportation, and few or little Export options. Chinese bureaucracy long held a tradition of refusing Shipments of potential necessary Goods from local Province, and farm families had a consistent tradition of hoarding Supples to later charge as highly for their Product as possible. This was combined with a long history of military and bandit confiscations of almost any needed Good without payment. One has to understand the nature of the Chinese at the Time; Mao possibly was the only individual, or usage of his methods, constituting the sole method to unify the nation. Mao may be Meat for post-condemnation, but every Problem in the China at the Time was not at his inception.

There are much better ways to criticize past leadership, and this might be one of those examples. It sets out to highlight the specific areas where banking leadership deliberately abandoned long-established practice to engineer high Profits for themselves. They did not deny funds to their older Client criteria, they simply opened the Client list to Everyone; no matter the lack of financial solvency involved. They actively decided to destabilize the banking system; after starting their financial careers at exactly the point where Congress was in the midst of the S&L Bailout of the 1980s. They realized when they ascended to Power that they had a vast opportunity to achieve great personal Wealth for themselves, knowing they would get active Salvation when the banking system cracked from Congress and President. Mao Zedong was simply trying to unify a nation, and see it through an economic disintegration. Our own brand of Polecats not only achieved their Mission of huge Wealth, but got the American people forced into paying the residual bill for their malfeasance.

The Reader can ask How I could possibly compare the Two: Our bankers versus Mao. The later killed Millions, but he did build a nation; admittedly according to the wrong Rules, with its eventual failure. Our bankers only stole Billions of Dollars, swiping out family fortunes, and creating conditions where those fortunes cannot be rebuilt easily; all at the expense to American Taxpayers. Mao is dead now, and cannot come again. Our bankers are alive and well, fully stocked, capable of a repetition of the Theft of yore. Who do you think is in better position: The Chinese people, or Ourselves? lgl

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