Friday, July 22, 2005

Army Transformation

Stretched Thin
Army Forces for Sustained Operations

Lynn E. Davis, J. Michael Polich, William M. Hix,
Michael D. Greenberg, Stephen D. Brady,
Ronald E. Sortor

A Must Read for Those interested in current Administration and Command policy; take the time to read at least the Summary.

Alternatively: What If High Overseas Rotation Requirements
Continue for Some Time?
To meet requirements levels in the upper
range that we have considered—14 to 20 brigades—the Army would
experience serious problems in AC unit readiness and the nation
would have few if any ready AC brigades to turn to in a crisis. Transforming
the Army into the planned structure of 43 active transformed
brigades will help, but transformation is largely in the future,

The Study examines many avenues, but finds few solutions. This Author will stipulate the three alternatives he finds the most advantageous to transform the Army into an effective Ready Force:

1) Reintroduce the Draft: This revitalizes the Force with Numbers, Youth, undiffused loyalty to the Unit (non-confused by commitments to family), and willingness to accept lower Payscales (no Colas for Draftees). The youthful integrity of the Unit can be enhanced by Mandatory Retirement at Age 32 (or the birth of a Child), unless a E-8 for Enlisted Personnel or Lt. Colonelcy is attained for Officers. The previous stipulation would allow curtailment of Retirement benefits for Military personnel to be reduced, while providing a more capable, Ready Force with youthful endurance and capacity to quickly adjust.

2) The second Option stands as transforming National Guard units into Our Main Force capacity. They would be trained in the basic full battle tactics on a steady basis for the defense of the Nation, while active Army Units would be trained in the basic Population-control measures, which is the main duty of deployed Units presently. The Author knows that the Army, especially High Command, loves this Option.

3) Forget the Brigade Combat Team crap. Forget the Nation-Building crap. Forget the 'Make the World safe for Democracy' crap. Forget the 'War on Terrorism by shooting an Afghani Sheepherder' crap. Build Five Carrier Strike Force Groups, each with rotating Regiment of Marines, it's own Seal Team along with an additional Marine LRRP battalion, and leave the Army at home to play soldier. lgl

Wrongway Carrigan?

Pentagon Proposes Rise in Age Limit for Recruits
Published: July 22, 2005

Draft, Stupid, not Old Folks Home. lgl

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