Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Bombs and Credit Cards

The four London blasts again totaled our serenity. There was a blip in the Markets before quick recovery, and the Politicians made the usual statements. Some comments should be made, though, about the context of the attacks. The explosives were placed in the London subway and on Buses. This says that the Working Poor were again the Target, because of their lack of fundamental protection. Airports get twenty times the Security personnel as Train stations, Subway stations, and Bus stops. The Rich only spend Security funds on a secure environment for the Rich. Does the Author sound leftist?

The second element to be discussed is the fact that the attacks were conducted by a small, Cell group of closeted individuals. Such groups are hard to track and trace, and incredibly difficult to interdict before their Terrorist conduct. The same cannot be said for their Support personnel. Laws need be passed making provision of funds, or sale of weaponry or explosives used in Terrorist attacks a Criminal offense punishable by Death or Lifetime imprisonment without parole. We must separate the Head of the Beast from its stomach!

The last comment states that uniformed Security do little on-site to stop Terrorist attack, although they are very helpful in cleanup efforts after an Terrorist attack. The real effort must be focused on Intelligence; most specifically, the arrest of these Cell units prior to their commission of Terrorist acts. The best method is the Reward system where We publicly proclaim all Informers providing information to identify and capture such Cells will receive $10k personally, without themselves being identified in any way to the Public. Some might doubt, but it always works.
Steering a new course in Iraq
By Jay Garner
Special to The Orlando Sentinel

General Garner is a good military mind, but as wrong as they come in this article. More American Troops on the ground in Iraq means more American Casualties. Use of Kurd peshmerga in the South guarantees Civil War. Getting Iraqis used to American Welfare transfers worsens, not betters, the existing situation.
Credit Cards Are Raising Minimum Payments
Published: July 7, 2005
Filed at 6:37 a.m. ET

Something which should have been done in 2001, before the huge Consumer Debt, and Housing bubble. Now it is going to discount about 20% of Consumers out of the Retail market. lgl


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