Monday, July 25, 2005

Spread of Imagination

On the Contrary
The Green Machine That Could Be Detroit
Published: July 24, 2005

Akst asks an intriguing question, but then suffers from a basic Journalist funk, and limits his article to what is provable as possible implications. A good article suffers from a lack of genuine speculation because Journalists are Source-sensitive to maintain integrity. The trouble comes in the existence of many other advantages which cannot be immediately sourced for truth.

The future Auto industry should not pattern itself off its own earlier Role model. One of the great Business successes of Our time revolves around Bill Gate's refusal to sell a DOS system, insisting instead on the lease of this system. The 'Green' Car company will be the One which does not sell automobiles, does not simply lease them, but provides full Service for them to the point of providing the fuel used in them; all for one simple monthly rate dependent on mileage usage by Contract.

What are the Advantages?

The Consumer does not have to assume a large Consumer debt, which is the major detriment to purchases, and is even freed from worry about unexpected Service charges; this a major concern when setting Consumption sights higher than the basic formula cars. The Car company has a Production schedule set by the size of their Distribution and Service network, not current Consumer worries about the state of the economy. The Car company can still provide a spread of vehicles, from base model to extreme luxury; differentiated only by monthly rental charge. Business loves the system, even better than Program cars, as the upfront charges can be avoided. A real push could make such a "Green' Car company the major Provider of Taxis, Delivery vehicles, and Government transportation. Fuel efficiency could be maintained by a consistent Maintenance schedule. The route to the Green lies in Service, not cheap Parts. lgl


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