Saturday, July 30, 2005

Guns and Refineries

A Foreign Affair
Contracting for U.S. Military and Law Enforcement Firearms

Senator Frist again invoking patriotism which does not exist to pay off political lobbys. How? He claims arms supply will go to foreign manufacturers if constraining gun liability litigation is not annulled. Answer of Article: foreign manufacturers already supply the majority of arms for the U.S. Army and American law enforcement. Reply of the Author: Gun liability litigation may already be part of the reason foreign manufacturers currently control the majority of arms supply sales. Fact states, though, that Gun liability litigation possesses no fear for Those who use the weaponry responsibly, or for the arms suppliers. The second element states that why should foreign manufacturers enjoy a greater advantage over domestic arms suppliers, when it comes to gun liability litigation (Secret: they don't possess any advantage in American Courts).

The good Senator should attempt to ease Oil Refinery liability litigation instead. Refinery explosions and Fires are overwhelmingly caused by Carelessness. Refinery Management and Labor are not stupid; they know the exact Cost of these Events, both in terms of Injuries and Deaths, but also in term of Production delays from Cleanup and resumption of Operations. There remains only one real Cause for these Events--excessive haste; the type of haste which comes from attempted Overuse of Plant capacity. Everyone tries to convince Americans they have a lack of Refining capacity, but Congress, State, County, and City will not allow the proper Permits to build new Refining capacity. It is time for Change! lgl

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