Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Challenge of Economics

July 23, 2005
Is Something the Matter With Economics?
Michael Blowhard writes:

An article which should be pondered, then rejected; but you should understand why.
For Those who cannot figure out Why to reject the above article, try

What is wrong with neoclassical economics?
Cost-benefit analysis
Dan Phaneuf

Cost-Benefit Analysis stands as the real Worksled of Economics. It is here that the real decisions which impact (generate the real data inputted into the neoclassical models) find their origin. Dan Phaneuf provides a true insight into the process. No model is perfect, and most models produce extraneous values which must be determined at false in the comparisons which are the basic academic's job.

Review materials provided by this Author simply to show that even the Adults are confused. lgl

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