Monday, August 08, 2005

Computer Literate

This Author seems like the last individual to accuse Anyone of Computer illiteracy, he attending College at a time when Fortran and Pascal served as absolutely essential systems to be mastered. Then he did think to read:
July 2005
Spot and Alternative Marketing
Arrangements in the Livestock
and Meat Industries
Interim Report 310 Pages

The Report was done for the Dept. of Agriculture. It could be this Author does not possess the current updated Adobe Reader; yet, it does not detract from the fact he found no accessible Bookmarks, Links to sections of the Report, or even sections assigned a Page number in the Table of Contents. It makes it relatively hard to preview the document.

The data covered in the Report, on the other hand, can be of interest to Those who can find it. How do the private marketing arrangements between Producer and Intermediary distributors affect final Consumer Price for Product? "Spot" Markets and marketing arrangements do raise the Cost to Consumers, this is known, but the Why and How Much remain the essential questions.

Such arrangements operate in all basic Commodities markets, and it is exactly herein that Hedge Funds attempt to make the vast gains for which they thirst. Sweet Crude has topped $64/barrel, of which most Economists would assign at least $25/barrel as pure speculation. The Author suggests intense study of the area of marketing arrangements and Cash markets. lgl


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