Monday, August 01, 2005

Legislative bureaucracy

Japan imposed Steel tariffs, joining most of the World, simply because the Byrd amendment will not die. Bush waits until Congress stands in Recess, before he can appoint his own U.N. Envoy. Congress can only seem to pass omnibus bills--where every Senator and Representative gets to write two Pages of his own copy. Is it true that they used a Semi-tractor to haul the Energy bill to the White House?

Congress is currently in Recess, as previously mentioned, and the Nation is probably safer for that fact. This Author advocated the use of closing Military bases to build Cracking Plants and Refineries. There is rationale even for leaving the bases open, building the Refining capacity, and leasing the Plants to private Contractors. The Military could be assured of sufficient Output in national emergency, provide greater security for Plant facilities, and utilize Government Upgrade and Maintenance schedules to minimize Fire/Explosion hazards. Congress, though, would have to do something rarely done--Act. lgl