Saturday, August 13, 2005

Erosion of Growth

Japan's April-June economic growth reflected only a 1.1% yearly growth rate. Japanese Investment and Capital Construction, on the other hand, can be estimated as moderately heavy. The Japanese economy remains the most Energy-efficient economy in the World, with least Energy use per Production unit. Japan's Consumer credit stands as sophisticated as American Credit, but requires greater solvency from the Consumer.

American consumption suffers from American Business desire for Volume, not Quality, in the extension of Credit. American Credit vendors often mislead Consumers, offering Upgrades in Credit limits; knowing full well Consumers cannot match such a level of monthly repayment. Housing no longer serves as American economic salvation, as American Housing Costs have been rising much faster than Real Takehome Wages for several years. Home Buyers will still purchase and construct, but at either greater risk or much slower. American economic growth, while still present, shows indications of being hollow(less real Profit).

(The Author is irritated, as he had to rewrite this Post. His maching ate the last one) lgl

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