Saturday, August 20, 2005


Pain for all in Gaza
By H.D.S. Greenway August 19, 2005

Decolonization is never easy when there are settled populations of the colonizers to be considered, as the British and French found in Africa.

If there was a godfather to the settler movement it was Ariel Sharon, who once advised settlers to grab every hilltop in the occupied territories. Thus is the sense of betrayal magnified.

If there is only a token Israeli withdrawal -- if Gaza is being given up only to strengthen Israel's grip on the West Bank -- then there will be no peace. No one expects complete withdrawal from the West Bank anymore, but there has to be a viable and contiguous space for a Palestinian state on the West Bank for peace to have a chance, and that will be no easy task for Israel.

It is an excellent Piece which outlines the social and political considerations involved in the forcible extraction of the Israeli settlers. The Piece failed to note that a Civil War risk exists not only for the Palestinians, but also for the Israelis, both based upon the Fundamentalists v. the Secular elements. We could find dual Civil Wars occurring within the constricted space of the area.

The economic implications of this forced separation may be even more telling in the long-run. Neither so-defined nation created has the economic Reserves or Resources to sustain the Withdrawal. Reestablishing the Settlers on Israeli soil will require a vast expenditure of Funds in construction effort, while losing their ongoing economic production for a lengthy period. The previous Productivity of these Settlers will be lost to the Palestinians so that all of Israel will endure some loss of Living Standard. The Palestinians remain unrehearsed in the Managerial skills needed to continue the previous Productivity, and their Living Standard is also likely to fall. Both Nations will need outside assistance for a continual period, and One or Both will probably need it forever; as neither are really a sustainable Economy. lgl

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