Saturday, February 11, 2006

Breakdown of the Bush Budget

Thanks to the Economist's View for a review of the Bush cuts at:

Bush would see an end to the Public Broadcast network, trying to cancel $398 million from its organized programs. Bush' dedication to Education seems to have a bias against all but the most technological aspects of Science and Engineering, while cutting Education efforts by $10856 million. Honesty forces this Author to admit he would have cut the list by $300 million, and could probably find an additional $2 bn to cut with research. Labor and the Consumer are both in for a hit, as Rural needs and the Consumer are abandoned to their predators. Labor to lose a couple billion in access to skills possible for Job acquirement, and Consumers left to their own devices in getting Services and quarranteed Products.

Bush wants to let rural Housing burn, and recreational facilities (except for the super-Rich) should not be protected. Major Contracts in Home Security and Defense must be defended rigoursly, but there is no need for Police in the streets. Drug addicts need only to find a cheaper Pusher, as Bush sees no need to get the addicts off their addiction. Environmental Quality seems like a dirty word or phrase in the White House, with vast slashing of funds.

The hardest element of the Bush philosophy to stomach, though, may be the Bush belief only Scientists, Engineers, and MBAs need a Job; because he is trying to see no one else has the ability to find one. lgl

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Mr. Econotarian said...

It is a little hard to say that cutting the Corporation for Public Broadcasting back from $400 million to $300 million is going to "end it."

Keep in mind that PBS and NPR (as a whole, including all stations) get only about 40% of their revenue from Federal sources, another 10% from state and local government. The other 50% comes from corporate and individual donors. And NPR now has a huge endowment from Ray Krok's widow to pay for all of its news operations.