Monday, February 27, 2006

Cable Rates

This Author, like most of Cable users in the Country, has just paid another Cable bill that had significantly rose in price. Lack of regulation in the industry allows Charges equal to what the Market will bear, but is this the best Outcome? I pay for both Internet access and Cable TV. The Cost has exceeded $100 per month for myself the first time.

We talk of Companies granted Monopoly privileges without constraint on the Pricing of Services. The Company I utilize because I must has a history of rapid expansion without consideration of Cost, resorting to Charge increase on Consumers of their Services. They also have a history of paying higher Profit ratios as Dividends than most industries. Their history of Executive salaries must simply embarrass even them. Is this a Record to be proud of?

There are definite hazards to the Course evolving, both economic and political. Many people, due to inability to pay for exorbitant Information Costs, must operate without researchable information. Common access to News services and Programming leads to Consensus on Social, Political, and Economic issues. Public Opinion should be relatively on the same Page, even if contestatory in tone. There is also a real generated Problem when you rob the Poor of even basic forms of entertainment. The Bell may toll for Those demanding excessive Profits! lgl

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