Friday, February 03, 2006

Energy Costs

CBS News ran a story on Seniors turning the Thermostat down in Minn., and still unable to best last Year's utility bills. Where does that leave Us? Communication of the Problem has really not been gained,, but it does exhibit the stresses which are building within the economy. The Budget overdrafts of the School systems was also expressed in the Story, along with the comment that the winter has been mild so far. It begs the Question of whether We can afford a severe winter.

The real gross Problem is the Capital flow out of the Country to pay for the Oil imports. This is eroding the resilence of the American economy, and raising the Cost of total Products imported into the Country. The real secondary Problem is the inability of Grass Roots organizations to handle the added Cost to their stationary budgets. Raising local Taxes or the acquirement of added debt are the only method to transition to flexible budget levels. The plight of the Seniors is as serious in the later scenario as is the plight of the Schools: neither Granma or the kids will ever be allowed to freeze!

We need a real National Energy policy, not platitudes of how We could improve our Energy position in a decade--with massive Spending and enhanced Energy Costs. Both the Economy and the Community will suffer from such idiotic pretension. The Senate passed legislation to push back the AMT, which Savings have already been absorbed by higher Energy Costs. The House, on the other hand, wants to extend the Bush Tax Cuts past 2008, along with pushing back the AMT. It simply portrays a Congress still out of touch with economic events.

We cannot afford a higher Budget deficit, or harsh Winters. We need legislation to curb excess Energy consumption in nonessential areas with Tax incentives directing Energy to needed areas. We need a President who talks of cutting Oil consumption this and next Year, not somewhere after he is sitting on his ranch in Texas. We need a Congress focused on issues which must be resolved to stop human suffering in the near future, not dreaming of saved Taxes down the Road when they retire. This is a time of Decision, and We get the Keystone Kops. lgl

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