Friday, February 24, 2006

Durable Goods Fall

The Good News comes from the bad numbers deriving from lack of airplane sales, the Bad News comes from lack of Computer and Machinery sales--down 10% and 2.5%. There is a general downturn off last year, especially bad as the last Quarter had only a 1.1% economic growth rate revised. The Saudi explosion does not help Business stability in investment decisions, with the quick, adverse reaction of the Spot Market.

The immediate News only reflect longterm trends which will increasingly clarify with the passage of Time. This will likely be the Year when Trained Labor personnel will start to leave the Labor Rolls faster than younger Labor cadres can be trained to replace them. Production will suffer from this, the damage only showing up in bad economic numbers like the ones received today. There is a possibility, not really statistically quantifiable, that Year 2005 was the high point in economic growth for the American economy.

There may be economic gains from the longterm trends, though, as business practice alters to meet the increasing demands for Labor. The growth in Luxury Goods production will likely reverse, bringing stability of Production rates, technological maximization, and reduction in Resource usage. Wages will likely turn around as well, centering around a Mean and Median with less skew of periphical boundaries. Services practices will become centered upon standardized treatment and practice, with a dismissal of extreme practices Charges. This will bring down the Cost of Medical treatments, Communication charges, Transportation Costs, and cheaper Building practices. The Economy will evolve to do more with less. lgl

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