Friday, February 17, 2006

Oddball Conjecture

This is the second attempt, as my Computer wants to eat my work this morning; the Author is irritated to repeat what was extremely off the wall.

I was studying the Papers this morning, learning about the 0.4% rise in the PPI, when an idea hit me, and I am still trying to evaluate such a regulation.

Thesis: A federal regulation is passed into law, stating all Stock must be sold between $0.00 and $20.00 per Share, else the Stock-issueing Corporation must sell additional Stock to bring Stock Price within range of the Market regulation. There is also the Contratemps, of persistent and regulated Stock Buybacks.

What would such federal action accomplish?

Market selling would be rationalized to great degree, with Accounting switched from the heavy perponderance on financial Accounting and assessment of fees, to the easier simple accumulation of Share numbers. Traditional Indexes, like DOW-JONES, would be easier to interpet--possessing a definite range which would not inflate with the Economy. Comparison work between Market indexes and the CPI and PPI finds greater ease and higher correlation. The IRS would have a Comparison Chart to evaluate submitted Income reports of Corporations. The final gift would be all Market participants would find easier discernment between Market trends and Speculation.

Now that the Author has Economists rolling in the isles, he will quit. lgl

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