Sunday, February 19, 2006

Memo to Homeland Security

Intelligence Evaluation of the Current Nigerian Terrorist Attacks:

Terrorists have always possessed a political agenda they promoted, or at least attempted to promote, by the use of Terror against innocent Citizenry. Prior Urban Terrorism, therefore, has always been shortlived, most of the time lasting only until arrests were make capturing the cell elements conducting the Terrorism. There has never been levels of Terrorism in history, which previously expressed the durative survival of the current Terrorism. Another operative element may have entered the matrix!

Four of the last Nigerian Terrorist attacks coincided with a drop in Spot Market prices for Oil. Extended examination of Nigerian Terrorism finds a relative correlation between Nigerian Terrorist incident and major Economic events. There has been previous evidence in history where Economic interests and participants funded Terrorist efforts to promote their own economic agenda. Al Quada elements have also always possessed intimate association with the wealthier elements of the Saudi business and economic community. Terrorism may have become an instrument of Market-altering economic policy.


Investigation of Terrorist activities should be examined statistically for correlation of Event and Economic trend. Further study should be undertaken to fix the exact Cost picture of formenting various types of Terrorism, what possible financial and economic gains could be realized by Who, and how much it would cost these elements to foster such Terrorist acts. Attention should be directed specifically to what elements of the Economic spectrum could most profit from acts of Terrorism, and whether Terrorist funding is therefore profitable to themselves. lgl

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