Sunday, April 30, 2006

3: Worst Things About Government

First, John K. Galbraith died today. The first Economics text I ever read was written by Galbraith. Did I agree with Galbraith? Probably very little at all. He was a big man, and believed in Big Government which I do not; but Many are claiming he was likely the most-read Economist of all Time, and I could agree without Numbers. Galbraith was an Icon of the New Deal and WWII, and farewell my friend.

Now to finish description of the bad things about Government:

8) Excess Legislation: Congress and Legislatures should pass only One-Quarter of the legislation which they do, and the legislation should at least have clarity which none do. Limitation of Legislative Acts to no more than 10 pages would not only save multitudes of Trees (remember all those Law books), but would force Our Elected officials to contemplate the damage which they are doing.

9) Excessive Regulation: Arenas exists where Specialized Consultants actually do not know the Regulations, for they have not the 2 Years of time to even read the enacted regulations. Other areas endure contradictory Regulation, and none of the IRS Local Tax divisions rule the same way on a host of Tax stipulations. Regulation should at least be understandable, and Regulations should have a Sunset Time limit applied (if such Regulation is needed, it will be reinstated). Congress need pass a law stating all Regulation will terminate after 5 years, unless a Reinstatement Board rules otherwise before termination; Congress must repass proper legislation if Sunset has applied.

10) Political Campaign Contributions debacle: Another Box to be checked by Taxpayers on their Income Tax forms--where Taxpayers are asked whether they want to contribute $1 to a Fund to pay for a permenant independent Auditor whose sole purpose is to investigate Political Campaign fraud. This Author would like to pass legislation demanding all Political Campaign contributions be turned over to this independent Auditor, who would record the Contribution, validate its legality, before it finally turned such funds over to the representative Political Party--not to the Candidate. Any Violator (defined as any contributor or recipient in any transfer of funds for political purposes) who does not turn over all funds received within two Workdays will face a mandatory one Year in a Federal prison.

This is the Finish of my draconian List of Worst Aspects of Government. The Politicians and Bureaucrats can tear me apart as their leisure. lgl

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