Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Environmental Economics

The U.S. Food blog came up with a good Post, Clever solutions to fish dilemmas, which is a basic description of the purchase of deep-sea Trawlers and fishing permits by the Nature Conservatory as a Conservation measure to protect certain areas of the Ocean floor from destruction. Sounds good, does it not? Well, it might also have some other connotations. Check John Whitehead's blog on market forces with a reduction of demand for seafood. It works in the opposite direction as well--with reduction of supply, serving as a floor for seafood prices when such Nature Conservatory actions are taken.

Is that Bad?

The Answer is very simple: This type action, serving both the interests of Conservation and of Business, will prove the only sustainable method of Conservation. The interests of Nature can only be fulfilled with the benevolence of Business interests; they being the only recourse to the necessary financial assets, and legal resources, to maintain Conservation measures. Nature and Economy must work as partners before any gain of Conservation can be attained. lgl

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