Monday, July 03, 2006

Fantastic Prediction

This Author has never been noted for moderation when making predictions about economic events, but this one will be extreme to say the least. I will probably hear about this one, every time I am proven wrong. What is the prediction?

This extended Fourth of July Weekend will see the highest Sales volume of Gasoline in the history of the United States--Past, Present, and Future. It is my estimation that We will never witness such Fuel consumption again on the July 4th Weekend, but also on any Weekend and/or Holiday event. I believe We are making history as We prepare for the Fireworks. We will never travel this way again!

The Minicouper is coming to America. Car Sales are down for SUVs overall, and it is never stated, but down even further in Resales. I have not checked, but estimate RV Sales reflect that free-wheeling adventures of the Home-on-the-Road are coming to an end as well. Boating and Jetsking may start to decline, as both are high-fuel Entertainment. The bigger-is-better lawnmowers may even have peaked. Soccer Moms may be viewing the end of their Tour-Bus industry. I may be Wrong, but I may be Right. lgl

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