Sunday, July 09, 2006

Nuclear Waste

Putin and Bush discovered another way to enrich Russian criminals and Corporate Profits, by the Plan to store nuclear waste in Russia. Reality states that Russians will not accept one pound of nuclear waste from the United States. Russia simply gets the United States to pay for their own nuclear waste disposal needs, where American Corporations take a 20% Profit, and Russian criminals boost the Site Costs by 300%; all paid by the American Taxpayer. All of the Business Elite exalt, and no one cares that Russians especially, but all Citizens of the World will forbid transit of nuclear waste through populated areas.

It is a typical Bush resolution to a vital threat, real Corporate profits are dug from a situation, while the Problem of nuclear waste is left dormant and threatening for future Administrations. The U.S. military finds further problems with discipline in Iraq and Afghanistan, but this Administration is going to push off American Exit from these two Countries until after the next Inaguration, when Someone else can resolve the problems this Administration created. We are beginning to witness the problems created by profligate Spending, Tax Evasion legislated into law, creation of the poorly-thought-out Cash Cow of Proscription D, and letting Corporations handle the groundwork of Homeland Security; all new elements introduced by the Bush administrations. lgl

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