Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sculpted Agendas

The WTO will be a failure, as will Medicare and Medicaid. Why? It is because of Sculpted performance. Every nation in the WTO wants special consideration, and every Recipient of Medicare or Medicaid wants preferential treatment. Special concessions for nations defeat the overall agenda of the WTO, and exotic medial treatments paid for by Medicare and Medicaid absorb the funds and economic viability of the programs. The multilateral nature of the WTO was self-defeating from the first, as no nation was voluntarily going to surrender its own personal pet desires; no President or Congress will ever get sufficient Votes to cancel the level or content of agricultural subsidies given to farmers, to do so, realistically means a percentage rise of Consumer Income devoted to Food. Every nation has its own preferences, with commitant damage accuring with relinquishment of those preferences. The WTO will not survive national needs.

Medicare and Medicaid will not survive unless the switch is made to standardized medical care. What does this mean? This means set payments for clinic visits and standard daily hospitalization payments. This means a positive list for Drug payments, like South Korea has insisted upon, where Drugs must be on a established list to be paid for, the positive list based solely upon Medicare and Medicaid ability to pay. One-Shot medical treatment needs can be settled by a lifetime Drug account which cannot be exceeded for exotic drugs. These alterations are necessary to forestall health care and Drug Costs from exceeding the Public ability to pay.

Special Concessions work worst in the arena of Tax reductions. Granting of special Tax credits for any endeavor or activity impedes the ability of the Tax Rate system to function. It is possibly best to initiate a Constitutional amendment which would state: No Tax Concession may be granted of any type which does not affect all Tax Payers equally. Every Tax reduction past this point would be a direct and obvious reduction of Tax rates for all Taxpayers. It is actually the only way to save the Tax system, which is in its Death throes. lgl

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