Saturday, July 01, 2006


People utilize sources in their writing, and an old Internet friend, David Arthur Walters, recently contacted me about using my Thoughts in one of his articles. I agreed to his use of this material, which he had acknowledged would be a compliation of various items I had written through a multitude of postings. The end-result, while sounding more strident than it actually was, helped me clarify my own ideas on the reviewed Subject:

In 2004, military historian and economist Lawrance Lux noted that: “Contemporary
fascism is initially funded by wealthy vested interests. Slogans are coined to
appeal to middle class values, but are quickly dropped when perceived as
conflicting with the desires of the wealthy class. Inheritance taxes are
abolished, ostensibly to help out small businesses. Middle class values are
touted as superior while the economic base of this same class is deliberately
undermined. In a relatively prosperous country, wages are bound to drop and
prices and profits will rise as fascism takes its toll; the standard of living
shall decline accordingly, as the percentage of wealth held by the few rises.
The nation will be incited to war for the aggrandizement of big corporations and
their fascist leaders, distracting the populace from the exploitation at home by
uniting them in fear and hate – naturally unionism and worker unrest will
naturally be condemned as unpatriotic.”

As I said, the tone is too strident. Still, if I could only get him to deal with the Left and the Religious Fundamentalists in the same manner. lgl

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