Thursday, March 20, 2008

Medical Science

I ran across this while surfing, by way of Mark Thoma and EurekAlert. The Poll size was small, only 1026 Respondents, so the Sampling error of plus/minus 3% for a assumption majority of Case studies through the Sample series may be technically correct, but culturally in error; the glaring point is attenuation of the data because of no establishment of the number of Working adults within the Household. One might get the opinion that I disagree with the findings of the Poll, which I do not; in fact, I agree with the data so much that I feel more adequate sampling support should have been undertaken.

The key Quotation within the article is given here:

Once again, there are contrasts in how Republicans view the United States’ standing on these elements and how Democrats and Independents rate the U.S. As an example, four-in-ten (40%) Republicans believe the U.S health care system is better than other countries when it comes to making sure everyone can get affordable health care, compared to just one-in-five Democrats (19%) and Independents (22%) who share that belief. On each of the four elements tested, Independents are within a few percentage points of agreement with Democrats, and both are significantly separated from Republicans.

Democrats will win the Health Care debate, and there are realistic Grounds for belief that Victory is essential to improvement of American quality of Life. Drugs are too expensive, medical equipment is too expensive, and Specialist services are too high in Cost. We need three times the Capital investment in fundamental medical care, and need to cut extensive medical care Costs by 90%. We have to expand accessibility to All, but We can do so only with an induced medical insurance program, and clearly outline limits to the medical care given–both in terms of overall Costs, along with injecting Steroids into extreme medical care. There are medical fanatics who scream ‘Murder’ when extended medical care is not given, even if the Patient is 91 years old, and the treatment series runs in excess of $5 million. The real Goal of our medical services must be to get People out of here, as gently as they came into the World. lgl

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