Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Are WE back to the old Cold War Deterrence theories? We are in trouble if this is Our approach. They never worked during the Cold War, and are less likely to work today. The best approaches could be channeled Internet sites which draw in Terrorists affiliates, get them to denote their money to favored Counter-Terrorist funding, and provide links to film footage of Terrorist results featuring devastated Peoples dressed in common Mid-Eastern dress and speaking forms of Arabic. Pressure should be applied to Western News agencies to suppress basic footage of damage done in the Western context, while highlighting Injuries done to Islamic settings by Terrorist activities. Western News agencies should be pressured to emphasize the huge Costs to Islamic societies attributed to Terrorist activities. A classic Propaganda example would be a film showing a Terrorist bombing of an Islamic market, and a Comparison display of how many common Consumption Goods had been destroyed by the bombing, and a later Shot of the number of common Islamic consumption products which could have been bought by the funding devoted to the Terrorist attack. Air-Time to play this type of film should be purchased on Islamic stations, while Western News agencies should be banned from selling images of damages to Western societies from Terrorist activity to Islamic stations.

A good vehicle to dissuade Terrorist affiliation and/or funding is purchased Air-Time on Islamic stations listing Islamic deaths from Terrorist activities, the listing based upon Name, number of family Survivors, Occupation, and the where and how of their deaths. The Recitation should be set up in Commercial Advertising Spot Timing and Placement, and always include at least ten Dead individuals listed in a calm analytical Voice while showing as many Photographs of the Individuals as possible. The entire practice should be directed towards volume, with correct citing of the date of Death. The real value of such Marketing of Death is the absolute accuracy utilized in such broadcasting.

The fundamental principle behind all Propagandist activities lay in the awareness that People are not Fools, and any inaccuracy will immediately be pounced upon by Our enemies for counter-propaganda purposes. Volume is the key to such efforts, and at least 1000 deaths per year should be noted. The guiding message shown must be the Cost to Islamic societies of such Terrorist support, and should be run on all TV and Radio stations in Terrorist areas; Saturation is the desired Goal in Terrorist areas, with combination with Interviews with prominent Islamic leadership of their views on Terrorism. Their advancement of Terrorism will be seen as cruel and injurious to Islamic societies, while their criticism of Terrorism will disassociate Terrorist elements from their religious base. Americans will do best to put Terrorists and Terrorism on Record, which advocates would find difficult to deny. lgl

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