Wednesday, June 23, 2010

All Things going Wrong

I can truly find a boring Read, but the astute Student may want to examine this described process. Boosting Rates to pay for taxes may seem minor, though not to the recipients of the benefit. The Cost to the Consumer continues to go up, while his ability to Pay has been decreasing; often at a rapid pace. Business outlines a double taxation which does not take place in the first place, then claims the right to charge the Consumer for it. Public distribution networks should only be allowed a Cost + some percentage profit on their rates. Granting them the right to assess Taxes as a Cost to be charged to the Consumer is both wrong, and leads to imaginary Tax claims which are not paid initially. At least the Regulation should be paid stipulating that Rates can only be altered to pay for the previous year’s actual taxation.

This Post should explain Why there is little talk of the Exhaustion Rate. It is basically due to the fact that all traditional methods to reduce Employment have been utilized, and no one noticed any change in the Unemployment rates. It would have helped to compare all charts to the same data for the Great Depression. The Question becomes whether Congress or Administration will attempt any unusual methods to increase Employment, and I will respond that they are not yet on the scope, and there is much reason to estimate that None will appear soon. Economists never speak on it, but Many seem to hold the attitude that the high Employment leading to the last two booms was the aberration; and that a significant Unemployed class is the Norm.

I will finish Today with this totally unrelated article, basically because the Oil companies are just asking for trouble. The real problem stands as deep water pressures are indeterminate. There is incredible weight associated with a cubic mile of water, and the circular posture of the ocean over a deep water wellhead a cross-directional additional weight. Even a shift in ocean currents of short duration can shift the vector alignment of a wellhead, with the immense weight presenting the shearing capacity. There is no optimum Centering capacity at present to prevent cross-stress, and no current wellhead capacity to forestall such shearing motion. Both problems will need to be solved before We can breath easy about such deep sea drilling. lgl

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