Thursday, June 03, 2010

The View from the Titanic

We are in such a Recovery that it takes my breath away!! Hell, it is almost keeping with the Inflation rate–not! I wonder at a system where Grocery items and Personal Goods skyrocket, while Corporations simply cancel their Price Schedule increases. Does this sound Good? I would not mind so much except for this! It stinks of burning Rome as Nero fiddles. We are currently at 198 days per trillion dollars of debt, and no one is constraining the national debt. Doubling the national debt per decade may not seem bad, but contemplate the national debt as it should be studied: in years of Taxation necessary simply to pay it off.

Read this Piece from Robert Reich. I ordinarily treat Robert with a grain of Salt, thinking he is slightly too liberal for my taste, but here he has hit the Target dead center. Start-Up businesses take somewhat more than half or more of an Individual’s total Capital accumulation from a lifetime, and about half of all Start-Ups will fail. All of this means about half of these individuals are already relatively bankrupt, and only delaying the announcement until their current flow accounts express that fact. Does it seem I am not very enthusiastic this morning?

We all have our worries about the Gulf Oil Spill, asking when it will be sealed. Have the Oil companies down-rated the Gulf to a Third World Country? This a serious question which I ask, as the Oil companies are expressing a Slash and Burn attitude almost everywhere. They continue to pull in high Profits everywhere, while downplaying all environmental costs. It is time for Someone to raise a Stop Sign on criminal practice in the Corporate world, even if it will be a trifle difficult considering the globe-hopping of the modern Corporate Executives. I would advise an international Treaty to enforce legal violations across national boundaries; where specific criminal penalties ensure enforcement anywhere. I think Socialist and Capitalist can agree to prosecute the Criminal. lgl

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