Friday, June 11, 2010

The Woes of Labor

This vocalizes a real threat I have long recognized. Technology and Innovation have been eating up Mom and Pop stores for decades, went to chewing on Manufacturing, and is now posed to go totally without labor except for Maintenance Costs. Has Anyone been to a garage lately; it being a crime to leave a spot of Oil. The people who designed these Workplaces should talk to BP; but that is only an aside. The current robotic maintenance consists of Snap-On Parts, rather than Tools; eventually this Work will be mechanized, and the Clip-Together assembly will leave Employment only for the CAD systems of design. Parts design in twenty years will only be reshaping of basic type Parts, and then no one will be allowed to Work.

I like this assessment on the question of a double-dip recession. I will provide a Hint, though I am likely to be crucified: the economy is not too bad except for the Unemployment; the real sufferers being the financial sector Employees and Investors. They had been the big Winners in the previous Boom, and it is exactly this unwarranted success which had the most to unwind. The expectation that this financial sector has greater distance to go in devolving into normal Returns aligned with Pay packages in the rest of the economy does not pleasure this most vocal of employment sectors.

All of the above will make some sense with the addition of this article. Congress screwed up once more, and failed to pass the extending legislation necessary, and people suffer. Thousands of people are made to suffer, and no problem is even fixed. No one expects that a future demanding benefits extension will fail to arrive after their belated patch has been passed. Congress has to start thinking of a permanent resolution of the Unemployment problem, but they never will. The Result will be continued fear for people who did not deserve it in the first place. Readers note that Few maintain any overview of Social needs, and all fail of coordinated action. lgl

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