Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Way We Are

There is much debate about what to do with the economy which lacks Jobs. There are Those who want more Stimulus, and Those who understand that you cannot get blood from a Stone. Here are references to both. The Politicians are ducking for Cover, all because no Answer will gain anything but the erosion of political capital. The Jobs will not come, and business Profits will not go up with either Stimulus or Austerity. The future does await the retirement of the Baby Boomers for new Job Openings, and Consumption levels stagnate; holding out for the fabled rise in Personal Incomes. It is a Time of overfull Supply, when the Public wants Bread and Circuses.

I have thought to present some of the mantle of the FDR administration as Cure:
1) Increase the National Guard by one million personnel, even if it takes a creation of a Type B regiment promised to never leave American soil; the Trick here being that personnel could still be drafted.
2) Establishment of City Cooperatives to change lawn into Victory Gardens, with high Part-Time employment of the Jobless.
3) actual increase in Taxation, now when it will not seriously deplete the level of Consumption, and when paying off Public Debt could be the actual Stimulus of benefit.
4) finally establish an efficient Day Care system, placing it under the control of the School Boards.
5) create a Recovery Agency (National) which would assume Title to all abandoned Property (Taxes in arrears over 5 years), authorize and pay for all redevelopment projects which would accepted; all hiring the Jobless in reconstruction and maintenance labor.

Everyone should understand that these are long-range programs, and will not present Stimulus in the Short-Run. The entire purpose of the programs remains to increase stability within the economy, and create permanent Job positions; which will be maintained because of their economic benefit. It will provide permanent Job placements from School Graduates, along with On The Job experience and Job Skills. The increased taxation will not be noticed whenever and wherever no alteration of Consumption patterns occur, though the grousing about Taxes will likely increase. Behavior will be redirected towards Community service, and Job exploitation will lead to greater respect for Property. None of my Suggestions could really hurt, and should be of long-term benefit. lgl

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