Friday, June 04, 2010

Labor Intensive Practice

Maxine Udall writes so well she almost convinces me. Still, I am afraid it does not. My problem consists of the fact she would have massive government spending, which employed relatively small numbers; it is all a question of advanced technology and capitalization. This is not the 1930s where Thousands grabbed their shovels, and went to work. We live in an Age where Bulldozers and Backhoes bucket out the dirt previously removed by Thousands, but at the cost of consumption of millions of gallons of fuel. There is a Crowding Out effect within our own Production schedule, all within that vaunted technology grasp, which no one desires to alter.

Measures to promote Employment must seek labor-intensive venues, if it would succeed to any degree. They are not easy to contemplate in our mechanized world. I have toyed with the idea of federal paying both the landfill fee, and a substantial price per bag of Garbage if the bag is evaluated as filled; landfill employees to determine the later. Garbage trucks would be little affected as working people would still produce Garbage and need it removed, unless there develops a real theft potential in stealing it. I have also thought of a CCC program to replant Trees is deforested area–both Clear Cut and disaster areas. I have thought of the same style program to save beach front from Oil Spills and erosion. I have contemplated of a Clear Cutting of my own, where the federal government purchased dilapidated urban environment, tore them down, and replaced with forested areas; urban areas needing no further stress on housing prices, and requiring Carbon absorption areas. Does some of this sound Dumb? Turning to a labor-intensive program will always seem a little stupid to modern man!

I still propose old Standby of my own, where Cities are paid to start up lawn conversion programs. Here is the program: Cities will rent lawn areas for nothing, except the Produce which the Owners might pick to their benefit when ripe. The Cities guarantees to remove the lawn, plant the garden which will replace it, and ensure that the garden is properly tended with proper Scenic appearance. The federal government will guarantee Cities to pay for all labor Costs to specific amount per hour, if the Employees are also drawing Unemployment or Welfare Benefits. It will additionally pay for all Seed and Fertilizer to a set amount per acre or square feet. The Cities are obligated with Harvesting, Cleaning and Bagging the Produce, and Selling the Output; Cities expected to repay all Seed and Fertilizer Costs, if the Produce is dumped. There will be the Option to plant Orchards rather than Gardens, all with the approval of the Owners of the land. The entire direction will be towards labor intensity, and Capital equipment will be present but energy conservative, and suited to the environment; all labor to be conducted within normal Work hours so as not to disturb the neighborhood. It will work if tried! lgl

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