Thursday, June 24, 2010

With an evil gleam in his eye!

A man should not have to agree with Someone when he is One of Those being criticized. I am not a Blue Dog Democrat, but I am also not a Conservative Republican, and will even round out the Statement to state I am not even a liberal Democrat. What I be is a less-than-Concerned citizen. A moment of Truth here: no matter what Congress does, it will not affect the Job Market seriously. Any Stimulus added will go to a small cadre industry of Government Contract Providers, who are only looking to keep their slimmed labor force employed; not actually seeking to add new Jobs at all. Most people would say this is for the Good, but it may be Bad; let me explain.

Today, there stands a massive two-tier Consumption Market, consisting of Those who still have Jobs, and Those who don’t still retain their old high-Wage Jobs. The former can only buy so much, though they have not altered their purchase structure very much. The later cannot buy at all at the level of previous expenditure. It is the old shell game of the Haves and the Have-Nots! We will not get any Government swarm labor projects as Stimulus, as long as Consumption remains as high as it is; this because Conservatives will claim it is too radical. We cannot expect Consumption to lessen from its current level, as long as nominally conservative Government stimulus projects are funded. Future Stimulus should not be expected, and would not help even if provided. The trouble arises in that current Stimulus is no help, and really an impediment to real Government intervention.

I thereby call for a specific funding venture on the part of Congress, which will be an intervention of some potential success. It will simply state that Congress will pay Minimum Wage to Anyone with a difficult Credit balance, who shows up at any federal, State, or Local Maintenance facility where they will be employed in Clean-Up or Restoration activity as defined by local Maintenance supervision; this ability to Work lasting as long as their Credit balances. Local Maintenance supervisors will retain the right to Hire or Fire based upon performance, while said earned Income will not count towards Income establishing eligibility for other Government programs. Such Workers will have to maintain a Credit balance to retain the right to labor, and must present suitable Work performance to retain their obtained employment. It will insist on some level of Consumption necessary to maintain a Credit balance, and could be our only option to increase Consumption. Should I spoil everyone’s day by suggesting the Cost should be cancelled by an increased real rate of Taxation? lgl

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