Thursday, April 14, 2005


Two articles were posted yesterday,
The Dream Deferred? By James Pinkerton 04/12/2005
April 13, 2005
Al Qaeda Remains Trapped in a Vietnam Fantasy
By Austin Bay

The first Article suggested any attempt to clean up the two primary subsidized Mortgage Corporations, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac(their full designation to hard to remember or type), was some break with Our ancestors and a defeat of the American Dream. The first is nonsense: Thomas Jefferson did not plan for Everyone to carry a Thirty-Year mortgage, or did FDR plan on 20% of this Country being mortgaged to the hilt(though Richard Nixon may have wanted the Cash Cow).

Truth: The heavy mortgage burden placed on Households eat up an incredible percentage of their Disposable Income, possibly matching Personal Income tax in burden, when drawing in assurance Insurance and higher Property taxation. Floated mortgages, not based upon sound Households assets, always require too great a devotion of Household Income towards mortgage payment--Housing makes a very poor Investment opportunity. The poorly-constructed mortgage lending creates an artificial Real Estate bubble, requiring all Purchasers to pay higher asking Prices of anywhere from 5 to 70% greater. It has more to do with the destruction of the American Dream, than it has with its construction.

Austin Bay, in the second Article, suggests that the Guerilla movement in Iraq is in the process of being broken. It is a most foolish sentiment! The Military continue to state they are destroying the Terrorist network, but it is not validated by ground data. They cannot attest that Terrorist Incidents are actually decreasing, or can attest they can cut such Incidents within the next decade. They actually possess no certitude that such Incidents will not multiply by a factor many times higher than One. This stands as highly relevant, as each new Incident creates further Casualties and loss of Property. Vietnam was different, but not as different as We would desire: We have a dedicated Enemy, one who will be able to submerge into the Native population for a great time to come, and one who can create Incidents daily and weekly. Casualties mount while Countermeasures cannot forestall the violence of the Enemy. We suffer attrition of Troop levels and Military equipment We can ill-afford to lose, without correspondent betterment of the Military and Political condition. It is time for an Exit Strategy. lgl


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