Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bush Rewriting of Law

George W. Bush declares that he has the power to order domestic spying in case of national emergency, basically based upon the Patriot Act; now refused reenactment by Congress. Bush vows to continue the practice without mandate, to protect the interests of Those who find little need of protection--except from the grasping reach for power by George W. Bush.

Bush utilizes the same defense used by Hitler in 1933: It was okay because it we He who was engaging in it. A greater measure of egocentric megalomania can hardly be found, where an Individual claims the power forbidden to Others in like place, simply because it is He who is doing it, instead of Anyone else. The greatest danger to this Mindset is best portrayed by the Watergate Break-In, where Enemies are defined as Enemies solely because they are political opponents. The childish defense of The Terrible Two (Bush and Cheney) as they invade and despoil Rights inviolate to Americans is becoming old and boring even to the deep Republican supporters who put the Two in office to begin with.

This Author believes a Joint Statement made by the ex-Presidents condemning this usurpation of power would reassure the American polity, especially if the elder Bush added to the just criticism. The Two in Question have yet to understand some of the basic precepts of the American political spectrum, which insists Participants play by the rules of the Game. It is the wrong time for the American Electorate to call 'Foul' , so the Retired Players must act as Field Judges. lgl

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