Friday, December 02, 2005

Greenspan's Warning

Greenspan criticizes excess Government spending and Trade barriers. He calls for repudiation of Social welfare promises and unrestricted Free Trade. He conveniently ignores the one fact that American Consumer importation is destroying the Trade balance, alongside the erosion of native manufacturing. There is also no proof that the cheaper Consumer pricing is better for either the American Consumer or American Business. The second fact he ignores is the reality that excess American Government spending occurs due to excessive American military adventurism off Our native shores. He asks American Workers to again pay for Government excess through loss of benefits.

The intrinsic horror of the American political spectrum comes in the Participant refusal to call the kettle black. American Taxpayers should insist that Government list the total amount of Taxes paid over the last 50 years. Then they should insist the Government list the specific amount of Social Security taxes paid in the last 50 years, plus the addition of a 4% rate of Return on those funds. Greenspan, like other American leaders, blame Those who have always been the Solution--not the problem. lgl

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