Saturday, December 17, 2005


Global Trade talks have stalled about where this Author imagined they would--where real national interests were involved. The EU refuses to set a time to eliminate Agricultural subsidies, purportedly because India and Brazil will not eliminate duties on Industrial Goods imported. The United States says it will eliminate Agricultural export subsidies, and 60% of domestic Agricultural subsidies--rubbish; the Bush Negotiators are dreamers. Farmers throughout the industrialized nations are not going to let themselves be undersold by Agricultural Products raised with 20% of the efficiency, 30% of the Productivity, and 40% of the Cost of their own high-tech Agricultural production.

The lack of balance to the WTO Draft agreement ascribed to it by the EU remains nothing more than retained commitment to established national interests by each Participant. Free Trade stands as an unreachable Goal, due to the political processes of individual nations remaining unchanged. Violative concessions are blocked at the 'Grass Roots' level of political action. It is particularly worthless to beat a dead horse. The WTO has seen its day, and will probably go the way of the League of Nations.

The Author, on the other hand, still perceives beneficial access to global integration. He believes there should be a international Conference on Pensions and Pension Rights, Disability and Medical Benefits, and on Unemployment. Stupid as it may sound, there should be international treaties covering all of these areas, guaranteeing Worker Rights sanctified by law, and thereby leveling the Playing Field of international Trade by percentage set-asides. This could well be the next Best Step. lgl

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