Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas

Everyone hoped for a solid Christmas season, but Sales were only lukewarm. 2005 was the Year of Problems, and they still have not been undone. Energy pricing is beginning to eat Profit margins, Wages are still not keeping pace with Prices, and Jobs are still disappearing in the Manufacturing sectors. A sad story for 2006.

There are good things happening, though! The Cost of Medical expenses are losing their inflationary push, narrowing the Gap between themselves and ordinary Products. Outsourcing is losing some speed as well, as many businesses realize utilization of a common language carries Expense savings. The appeal of Brand-Name Products is disappearing, and advertising Companies turn to Company self-promotion; a fortunate effect of funding for worthwhile projects to brag about begins to show up. The World could be a lot harsher place!

Merry Season for All, and enjoy Santa!

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