Monday, December 19, 2005

Omnibus Bills

The Concept consists of tying necessary legislation or action to unadulterated crap, so that the crap can get passed. It remains a venue used by All today, consider the Hong Kong talks of the WTO. An article in the AP lineup mentions that Farmers are being injured by Tax provision 1033, which artificially raises Land prices beyond Operational Return mortgage payments. The Tax Code is replete with such type provisions, which destroy as much as they benefit. The House just included Artic Oil drilling in the Military bill; One can even favor such Drilling, and know this is the wrong approach.

Very little actual gain derives from such procedures. Political opposition induces bureaucratic obstruction and greater erratic initiatives to block measures which have not been politically resolved. The President and Vice-President are currently engaged in defending the expansion of Presidential powers, and criticizing the defeat of reinstatement of the provisions of the Patriot Act, another omnibus bill which was an over-reaction to a perceived threat; We now have Government domestic spying on Private Citizens, and transfer of Prisoners for their specific torture.

The confusion of political issues through use of omnibus bills should be constrained. Said activities allow gross inequities and violations which would not be allowed elsewise. There is need for clarity of expression, for decisiveness of political action. lgl


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